Abundance Wimbledon

Abundance Wimbledon is about using up fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Lots of people think it would be good to use up all the fruit growing on trees and bushes around Wimbledon, but nobody can do this on their own. By bringing people together in this project, we have been able to pick some of this surplus fruit, eat it and make it into a wonderful range of jams, chutneys, cakes and sweets, and pass nearly half a tonne on to people who are struggling to find enough money to eat healthily. People from different backgrounds have worked together, shared their skills, appreciated nature and being in the open air, and enjoyed the whole experience. Individuals have come from across Wimbledon and beyond, older people have got involved in fruit picking and jam-making, and children have joined in enthusiastically too.

Website: http://www.abundancewimbledon.com/