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Here are a few hints and tips noted by the Abundance community:


The aim of Abundance is to look at surpluses, so it may not be worth mapping any fruit tree you see. Just focus on the ones that are productive and have a surplus that is not used.

Private gardens

Its much easier to choose gardens that have a side gate or other access from the street, rather than having to walk a group of potential strangers through someone's house.



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A few key tools are very useful for harvesting fruit.


A picker can be anything from a simple basket on a broom handle to a commercial tool. The best commercial option we have found is made by Wolf Garten. They offer 2, 3 or 4m extensible poles with attachable heads that can be either a fruit picking basket or a hook used to shake branches.



Elderflower Harvest in West Ealing

Sarah and Juvy making Elderflower Cordial

The recent elderflower season saw WEN Abundance pick hundreds of elderflowers to creat 165 bottles of Elderflower Cordial.  For those of you who have made cordial yourself you will know what a painstaking and sticky process this is!  Luckily the cordial is selling well so it makes all our efforts worthwhile!



WEN Abundance



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