These are COVID Guidelines produced by the Kensal to Kilburn Fruit Harvesters. Please consider using them for your group.

Dear Pickers,

We are approaching picking season and have been thinking about how to operate in these strange times. The guidelines we have drawn up may change over the season but we are operating on a 'best to be cautious and safe' mantra so that more people feel comfortable to come.

On each pick you can expect:

  • An introductory talk from the pick leader reminding everyone of these guidelines and any details about the pick.
  • Smaller numbers than usual - which means it is particularly important that you come if you sign up.
  • We will have a waiting list for each pick so keep an eye on your phone until the last minute.
  • Either hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities.
  • The equipment will be sanitised before and after each pick. It will be possible to sanitise the pole before passing it on.
  • We will not be sanitising the fruit - if you take some home please be sure to wash it.
  • Each corner of the tarp will be identified with different colours so you can stick to one corner for the duration of the pick.
  • Where at all possible the tarp will be left 72 hours before picks and if this is not possible the pick leader will let you know.
  • We will not be supplying communal helmets.

We ask you to:

  • Do not come on a pick if you feel ill, or have been in contact with anyone who could have Covid 19.
  • Wash your hands before and after the pick
  • Please keep at least a metre from everyone else, 2m where possible.
  • Always check if you want to bring a child with you and please be sure that you keep an eye on them and make sure they also follow social distancing and hand cleansing.
  • Please only commit to a pick if you are sure you can come, and if something happens to prevent you coming be sure to let the pick leader know as soon as you can.
  • Please be on time - this is more important than ever as we control numbers and toing and froing.
  • Not touch anything if you have to go through a house, even doorbells and handles.
  • Please take a mask on every pick. Mostly they won't be necessary but if the householder or anyone on the pick requests it then everyone should be happy to oblige and wear one.
  • Please bring gloves for self-protection, particularly for picking up cardboard boxes that will inevitably have been touched by others and are impossible to sanitise.
  • If you are able to isolate your cardboard boxes for 72 hours before a pick that would be most appreciated - have one or two at the ready in season even before a pick is planned.
  • If you want a helmet, get one now before the season starts - they are available online for as little as £5.
  • Please bring something to dry your hands when you wash them.

We are currently letting our tree owners know that we are taking these measures in the hope they will still welcome us into their gardens. We are also in touch with the receivers of our fruit to be sure that they are operating and can use what we pick - so far our organisations are looking forward to what we can provide them with. Do let us know if you have any further thoughts and we hope to see you under a fruit tree before too long.

Other actions

Add hand gel to all packs, pick leaders to make sure hand gel is available Scouting to include asking tree owner about handwashing facilities: eg bucket of water we can fill a bottle to wash hands Some gardens might be too small