About us

All over the UK, people have started harvesting gluts of unwanted fruit in their area. Find out from our map if there is a group near you and join in. If not, why not start your own group? We've provided some information and advice, but each group is individual. Welcome to Abundance.
There are no age restrictions – all ages are welcome.  Come alone, bring your family, kids, grand-children.  You can come along once and see if you enjoy it – there’s no need to come along to every session and there’s no subscription fee.  

Benefits and aims:

  • We want to reduce waste, reduce air-miles.  
  • Be more active and enjoying nature – getting outside, being active, climbing trees.
  • Socialising with your local community.


  • Over 90 per cent of fruit and 70 per cent of vegetables in the UK are imported.  
  • We could be self-sufficient in apples and pears for the whole of October if we all took part.

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